Our mission

We help people and organizations gain control over the monetization strategy of their video content. We provide a full stack of services, from uploading and transcoding of video content to dynamic ad insertion and delivery to end users.

CDN: Video content hosting & delivery‚Äč

There is no need for third party CDN at extra costs, Videsys will deliver your content through its own CDN infrastructure.

Upload your Ads, define your distribution rules and let the platform dynamically mix the video and ads into a single and unique video stream to be delivered to each end user.


Videsys smart player fits all devices and adapts the video stream resolution to the end user internet connexion speed.


Get closer to your audience, keep an eye on the latest trends and enjoy the nice graphs & reports offered by our powerful reporting suite.

Smart Domain Control

VSDC allows you to define your authorized domains from which your video content is allowed to be played.

Unified transcoding

Your videos are transcoded to multiple resolutions to allow a smooth playing even in poorest network conditions.