All in-one video streaming and monetization solution

We help publishers gain control over the monetization strategy of their video content. We provide a full stack of services, from uploading and transcoding of video content to dynamic ad insertion and streaming to end users.
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what we do

Your video content is worth much more

Geared toward professional video publishers, Videsys provides a suite of video services, from hosting and transcoding to publishing, monetizing and real time in depth video engagement tracking

Video Streaming

  • Cloud Video Hosting
  • Video Transcoding (up to 4K )
  • CDN backed video delivery
  • Smart Video Player
  • Video encryption & Domain Control

Video Monetization

  • Client Side Ad Insertion / VAST support
  • AdBlock proof Dynamic Server Side Ad insertion

Analytics & Reporting

  • In-depth Ad statistics
  • Customized Graphical dashboard
  • KPI follow up & reporting
  • Real-time video engagement tracking

What we offer

Video Stream Smart Encryption

Videos can only be decrypted/played by Videsys secure HTML5 player and then protected against illegal downloaders & hackers

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Deliver your videos through a reliable, powerful and fast Content Delivery Network ensuring a smooth video playing and better user experience

SSAI/CSAI Video Monetization

Sell direct Ad campaigns using the AdBlock proof Server Side Ad Insertion technology (SSAI) or setup Client Side Ad insertion (CSAI) to fetch Ads from any Ad Exchange/VAST server

Analytics & Reporting

Identify your best content and uncover actionable audience behaviors with comprehensive analytics and reporting

Video Editor

Clip & Trim your videos or add advertisements easily with Videsys Video Editor


Display configurable & clickable hotspots on top of a video during playback, taking the viewer to a specific timestamp or an external URL when clicked.

Live streaming

broadcast live events or 24/7 channels to any screen at any scale.

Video distribution

Upload your videos once and distribute your content across Youtube, Facebook… at the click of a button

Why us

Boost your video ad revenues with Videsys monetization solution

Videsys enables professional video publishers to sell direct Ad campaigns using the AdBlock proof, dynamic, state of the art Server Side Ad Insertion technology (SSAI).
When the direct campaign is over, Videsys player can fallback into Client Side Ad Insertion mode (CSAI) fetching ads from any VAST/VPAID compatible Ad Exchange/Server.

Our Simple Straight-Forward Pricing

$19/ Per Month
  • 1 TB Storage

  • 1 TB Bandwidth

  • Max resolution up to 720p

  • Smart stream encryption

  • Basic Analytics

$49/ Per Month
  • 2 TB Storage

  • 5 TB Bandwidth

  • Max resolution up to 1080p

  • Stream smart encryption

  • Basic Analytics

  • Video Editor

  • Hotspots

Custom pricing
  • Custom Storage

  • Custom Bandwidth

  • Max resolution up to 4K

  • Video Editor

  • Hotspots

  • SSAI & CSAI video monetization

  • Live streaming

  • Advanced Analytics

  • API Access

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